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Evolving to meet the growing needs of our customers has always been a Salem One priority.  As our clients’ needs for printing have grown, so too have our in-house printing capabilities.  We have invested in advanced and efficient print technologies to save you time and money.

Providing high quality, highly personalized direct mail and print solutions is one of our specialties.  We can design and produce effective print materials, from basic postcards and letters to attention grabbing personalized pieces.   Whether a letter with a personalized salutation or a highly customized mailer with personalized images, we can help you utilize your data for impactful variable data printing.


  • Printing & Mailing – all under one roof
  • Print File Preparation / Pre-Press Services
  • Digital Printing
  • Variable Data Printing / Personalization
  • Offset Printing
  • Digital Envelope Printing – color
  • Inkjet Addressing
  • Brochures, envelopes, booklets, postcards, business cards, letterhead, posters

Digital Printing Benefits:

  • Personalization with variable data and images
  • No plate charges for different versions
  • Less expensive low volume print runs
  • Smaller print runs / reduce your inventory
  • Addressing is completed as it prints, eliminating additional costs
  • Meet tight deadlines
  • Easy to update